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The Hammer Down Trucking Company was founded in the 1997 by Eric Charles. As a child, Eric would ride in his grandfather's rig. Eric knew then that he was meant to be on the open road. When he graduated high school, Eric began working for Anystate Trucking as an office clerk. He learned a lot about the business and helped Anystate Trucking improve its dispatching and logistics. After five years at Anystate Trucking, Eric knew that he was ready to open his own trucking company.

Eric created an effective system of transportation logistics and management. Using cutting edge technology, Eric could improve response time and coordination of services. The Hammer Down Trucking Company's outstanding customer satisfaction record clearly reinforces Eric's claim that The Hammer Down Trucking Company is the nations finest.

The Hammer Down Trucking Company currently employs 15 professional truckers, and an office staff of eight, so no job is too big or too small. We run a background check and conduct random drug-screens on all of our employees. At The Hammer Down Trucking Company, safety is our biggest concern.

The Hammer Down Trucking Company is a member of the Anytown Business Alliance and has received a five-star rating from the Anytown Business Journal. The Hammer Down Trucking Company service is frequently recognized for integrity and reliability.

Eric Charles was born and raised in Anytown, and currently resides with his wife and two children in the downtown area.

The Hammer Down Trucking Company is licensed with the Anystate Department of Business.

The Hammer Down Trucking Company is insured and bonded by Anystate Insurance and Liability Services

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License #1001001

License #1001001

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